Terms & Conditions - Updated April 2021

Covid-19 Temporary Flexible Booking Conditions for 2021/ 2022

We are very aware of the concerns that the Covid 19 Pandemic may cause with booking a holiday at this time. Due to this uncertainty regarding travel we have made the decision to allow flexible booking and lower deposit requirements. Please note this temporary update does not change any other terms and conditions of booking stated below other than the ones specifically mentioned here. To allow greater flexibility and peace of mind we are temporarily adjusting our Terms and Conditions to provide the following changes.

These booking conditions are only relevant if your holiday is effected by the pandemic and the following situations arise:

  • You or one of your fellow travellers has been affected by the Covid 19 (on presentation of a medical certificate)
  • You are in an area that is in lockdown during the dates of your stay that prevents you from traveling to your destination
  • The apartment are located in an area that is in lockdown during the dates of your stay
  • The ski resort is closed
  • The borders between your country and your destination are closed
  • You must be quarantined when you go to / or travel back from the region in which the apartments are located
  • The apartments are located in a region for which the government has issued an negative travel advice during the dates of your stay.

We would highly recommend that you take out additional Coronavirus travel insurance.

  • We will take a 20% deposit for your holiday.
  • Flexible Deposit: Until the 30 September 2021 for any bookings made during the effected booking period, which have to be cancelled due to the reasons stated above the guests may request to move their deposits to secure another date/chalet within the Winter 2021-2022 season and the following season Winter 2022–2023 (must be before 1 May 2022), subject to availability of chalets and dates. This will be done completely free of charge. In order to move a booking please email [email protected] no later than 30 September and state the date you wish to move the booking to, including details of whether the change applies to all guests on a booking. We will then endeavor to carry out your requirements, however, we cannot be held liable if
    the preferred date is no longer available.
  • Insurance is available for last minute COVID based cancellations. It is in your interest that you have this cover in order to be refunded quickly should you need to be. French law states that we are obliged to issue a voucher for another holiday valid for 18 months.


How will I know if my travel plans are going to be affected?
The unpredictable impacts of the Coronavirus mean that decisions about changes or amendments to your holiday may occur at any time, and could be no more than a fe days before you are due to depart. We pay constant attention to the guidance from the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), ABTA, Public Health England and local health authorities in our destinations. We will respond to any advice by the FCO against non-essential travel to your destination, and will contact you as soon as it is clear we won’t be able to provide your holiday at the originally planned time.

Will my holiday experience be different due to Coronavirus?
We’ll do our very best to make sure your holiday is everything you expect it to be. Due to the constantly evolving nature of the Coronavirus crisis, we might need to change or withdraw some advertised accommodation facilities and resort services so we can keep everyone safe. Wherever we can, we’ll let you know about this in advance, bu sometimes it might be at very short notice. Our holidays will be subject to the local Covid-19 regulations in that destination and we recommend that you are familiar with these before you travel. Information can be found on the relevant country pages of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) website, so please ensure that you read these.

How will you help to keep me safe on holiday?
We are closely following the advice of the UK Government and FCO regarding international travel and working within the recommendations and regulations of our destination countries to minimise the risk of Coronavirus. Whilst it would be impossible to guarantee there is no risk at all, the best way to stay safe is to maintain good hygiene, regularly wash your hands with soap and water and keep a social distance from others. Where it is not possible to keep over 1m distance from others, wear a face covering. For latest advice from the World Health Organisation: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

Will I be entitled to a refund if Chilled Mountain has to cancel or make a significant change to my holiday due to the Coronavirus outbreak?
If things change and we have to cancel your holiday because of Coronavirus, you can move your holiday to another available date of equivalent value, or pay the difference to upgrade your trip. If for any reason you are not able to move your holiday, we will give you a voucher to redeem against a future booking, this will be valid for 18 months. If after this time you are unable to make a booking you will be entitled to a full refund. Equally, if we have to make a significant change your holiday, we’ll give you the option of accepting the change or receiving a refund.

I haven’t yet paid the balance for my holiday. Can I pay later while I wait and see what happens?
We generally ask for the balance payment 8 weeks before arrival but to give you peace of mind and allow for last minute changes this payment will now be due 4 weeks before your arrival date

If I’m due to go on holiday and I’ve been advised by NHS Test & Trace to selfisolate for 14 days, can I still go on holiday?
In the interest of everyone’s safety customers will not be allowed to travel if they have been advised to self-isolate within 14 days of departure. For the same reasons, customers at the airport, or arriving at their destination, may be asked to declare that they have not been contacted by NHS Test & Trace. In this instance please contact us as quickly as possible and we will do our very best to help you. You should also contact your travel insurance provider.

Will I be covered by my travel insurance if I decide to cancel or have to self isolate?
This will depend on the terms of your policy. Depending on the reason for your cancellation (for example if you are concerned about a serious underlying medical condition), you should contact your travel insurance provider to check if you can make claim. We would highly recommend that you take out additional Coronavirus travel insurance. Many travel insurance policies will no longer cover you as standard if your holiday is disrupted due to Coronavirus, but there are new policies and add-ons appearing on the market that will. Look for ones which will cover you in the event of NHS Test & Trace disrupting your holiday plans.

Where can I check for up-to-date travel and health information for my destination?
• UK health authorities are providing detailed advice on travel which is available at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus
• Travellers are advised to read the FCO travel advice for the country they are travelling to. Visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
• The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) TravelHealthPro website travelhealthpro.org.uk/countries provides specific country-by-country travel health advice
• The NHS website has useful information about how to take preventative measures against Coronavirus at www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19
• ABTA also has updated advice and FAQs for travellers at www.abta.com/coronavirus


General Terms and Conditions


1. Chilled Mountain Chalet ("the Property") is offered for holiday subject to confirmation by Chilled Mountain Holidays Ltd. ("the Company") to the renter ("the client").

2. To reserve the property the client should return confirmation of booking together with payment of 20% of the holiday balance as a non-refundable deposit. On receipt of this the company will forward a confirmation. This is the formal confirmation of the booking.

3. The balance of the total cost is payable 8 weeks before the start of the rental period. If payment is not received, the company reserves the right to give notice in writing that the reservation is cancelled. The client will remain liable to pay the balance of the rent unless the owners are able to re-let the property. In this event, point 4 of these conditions will apply. Reservations made within 8 weeks of the start of the rental period require full payment at the time of booking.

4. Subject to points 2 and 3 above, in the event of a cancellation, refunds of the amounts paid will be made if the company is able to re-let the property. Any expenses or losses incurred in so doing will be deducted from the refunded amount. The client is recommended to arrange comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation cover), baggage, personal belongings and public liability etc., as these things are not covered by the company’s insurance.

5. The rental period shall commence at 4pm on the first day and finish at 10am on the last day.

6. For self catered holiday a security deposit each booking is required against breakages, damage to the property and its contents. This reserved sum shall not limit the client's liability to the Company.

You acknowledge and agree that you are required to provide the Security Deposit by way of providing credit card details, this is due on the day before your arrival. An amount of £500 will be held on your credit card for the duration of your stay and for up to 7 days after your departure from the accommodation.

Deductions for unacceptable state 

If you leave the accommodation in an unreasonable state, which requires additional cleaning services over and above what is generally required at the conclusion of a stay at the accommodation, we (or the Supplier/Principal, where we are acting as an agent) reserve the right to make a deduction from the Security Deposit equal to the additional cleaning costs we or the Supplier/Principal incur.

Deductions for damage

In the event that no loss, damage or unreasonable cleanliness has deemed to have taken place, we aim to refund your Security Deposit within 7-14 days after your departure from the chalet.

If you or any member of your party cause damage to the property or anything within the property, we reserve the right to make a deduction from the Security Deposit equal to the cleaning costs that we incur.

You are required to notify us of any damage already present upon arrival within 24 hours and we recommend taking photographs of any existing damage and communicating this by email. A thorough check of the Property will be made after your departure and prior to our next guests checking-in. We will advise you as soon as possible of any damage discovered and we will provide photographs where possible.

We understand that accidents happen and neither we nor a Supplier/Principal will make any claims for minor damage or breakages not exceeding 40€. We will also consider and disclaim possible maintenance, cumulative wear and tear and any other pre-existing factors that may have contributed to the damage. We and the Supplier/Principals will always be reasonable in determining whether to make a deduction to the Security Deposit and we/they will not make a deduction prior to giving you reasonable time to respond, in the event of a dispute we will retain your card details until a resolution is reached.

If we or a Supplier/Principal determine it necessary to make a deduction to the Security Deposit, then we will only instruct the card payment services provider to charge your credit card to the amount required to replace or rectify the damage (on a like-for-like basis). We will not instruct our card payment services provider to charge your credit card for an amount which exceeds the Security Deposit. We will never add a mark-up to this charge.

Release of Security Deposit

We will procure that our card payment service provider destroys your credit card details taken for the purposes of the Security Deposit within seven (7) days following your departure date, subject always to our right to instruct our card payment service provider to make a charge to your credit card or to not destroy your credit card details pending resolution of a dispute between us and you pursuant to these Booking Conditions.

Please note: The Security Deposit does not limit your financial liability against loss of rental income suffered by us or the property owner. Your liability for losses applies even if the value of the loss exceeds the Security Deposit (in which case you will be required to pay the full amount in exceed of the Security Deposit).

7. The maximum number to reside in the property should not exceed 10 adults (excluding 2 members of staff).

8. The company shall not be liable to the client for any temporary defect or stoppage of public services to the property, nor in respect of any equipment, machinery or appliances in the property or garden.

Nor for any loss, damage, or injury, which is the result of any adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters beyond the control of the owners.

The company is also not liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the client if the property shall be destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period.

In such an event the company shall within seven days of notification to the client, refund to the client all sums previously paid in respect of the rental period.

9. Under no circumstances shall the company's liability to the client exceed the amount paid to the client for the rental period.

10. A 25 Euro fee will be charged for lost front door keys.

The chalets are strictly non-smoking and failure to observe this will forfeit any security deposit taken.

Please note that travel insurance is compulsory for your holiday.

Finally all information provided on this website is accurate at the time of going to press. Chilled Mountain Holidays Ltd. Reserve the right to make changes to the service provided and are not liable or responsible for any changes outside of their control

This contract is governed by English law in every particular including formation and interpretation and shall be deemed to have been made in England. Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this contract may be brought in any court of competent jurisdiction in England.